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dsc_6321-smallYear 6 Summer Transition Academy dates 2017: Tuesday 29th August – Friday 1st September 2017

Our new Year 7 will enter a caring community full of aspiration and commitment to their future success.

The Academy is small enough for the Principal, her senior team and staff to get to know all of Year 7 rapidly. They will be placed in ‘Home Groups’ with a dedicated Learning Tutor who is responsible for closely monitoring their academic and personal progress, setting targets and coaching them so that they feel settled, happy and committed to their learning.Years 7 and 8 are overseen by a highly experienced Phase Leader and supported by a Guidance Manager.

Through our Home Groups, Phases and through Student Voice and Leadership, we encourage healthy competition and a commitment to developing citizenship, enterprise and leadership skills. Students are encouraged to work in cross-phase groups and in partnership with staff on a range of activities and to suggest ideas for projects linked to learning, health and welfare, the environment and the wider community.

By creating smaller communities focussed on student-chosen projects, students feel a greater sense of belonging and engagement to what is, after all, their academy.

Words used by our New Year 7 students to describe their experience at Summer Transition Academy 2015
Loved Enjoyed Fun Amazing Great Fantastic Liked Good Incredible Major benefit Massive help Excellent Brilliant Useful

Feedback given by our New Year 7 parents about the Summer Transition Academy 2015

Our son found the transition week very valuable. It was a great insight into how life at Mark Hall will be without it being over bearing and too much all in one go.

Very glad my child attended the Transition Academy, it made the first day much easier. Very well run and enjoyable.

year 6 transition buttonFor us the week was fantastic. She came home every day excited with everything she had taken part in and seen. She made new friends. The music video was fantastic to see at the end of the week. We are so happy that we are now part of Mark Hall Academy.

We were both very impressed with the Summer Transition Academy. He made friends and liked the teachers. Knowing he could learn his way round the Academy before he started gave us peace of mind.