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Show My Homework

Keeping up-to-date with the goings on in your child’s school life is difficult. Pinning down a teacher with their busy schedule isn’t an easy task, nor is getting an answer out of your child as to when homework has been set, what events are coming up and their exam timetable. We want to improve this, so you can enjoy a seamless line of communication between home and school, and spend your evening having meaningful conversations rather than battling over deadlines. With Show My Homework you can enjoy complete homework transparency with access to all your child’s homework tasks 24/7 and receive notifications regarding school events and announcements. You can even sync your child’s homework calendar with iCal so all deadlines are imported into your personal calendar.

Get the App

The Show My Homework app is available for mobile and tablet devices in the Android Play Store and Apple iOS App Store.

Here you can download our useful guide ShowMyHomework Parent Pack


Why are some of the colours faded and others aren’t?

A faded colour for a task indicates that the due date has passed.

How do I know if my child’s handed in their homework?

The Gradebook is how you can see the grade, submission status, and any teacher comments for your child’s homework.

Once you log in, you will be taken to your homepage which shows the profiles of your child or children. Please just click on the Gradebook button to view the gradebook for that specific student.

There are some filters at the top just in case you want to narrow the classes down by subject, teacher, or submission status.

Assignments are organised by their due dates. For more information about the assignment, please click on its title. Alternatively, click on View Results to see more details about the student’s grade.

The color of each box represents a submission status. A key for the colours and their meanings is located directly below the filters.

If a grade has been entered, it will appear in the Grade box for the assignment.

Can I keep up-to-date whilst I’m on my mobile device?

The Show My Homework App, available on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android devices, provides an easy way to monitor your child’s homework on the go using a phone or tablet. See above for the links.

Once you have downloaded the app you will first need to search for your school. Then simply log in using your username and password as normal.

Once logged in you will have two tabs, Issued and Completed. Items in the Issued tab are simply tasks that have not been marked as completed by the student, and of course, the Completed tab show tasks that have been marked as completed. To mark an item as complete, just press and swipe a task to the left and press mark homework as complete.

The items in both lists will be ordered with the oldest items at the top and the newest based on the due date for the homework. If an item is past due, the date will appear in red.

Please note that because the to do list is simply an organisational tool, marking a homework as complete does not submit homework or communicate to the teacher that the homework is completed.

You can even take quizzes and spelling tests on the app.  Just tap the quiz or spelling test and follow the instructions on screen

You can also view announcements and change your settings from the icons at the bottom of the screen for iOS and in the menu for Android.

If you are using a mobile device that supports neither Android nor iOS then you can use your browser to access Show My Homework.

Our mobile website has full functionality so you will be able to do everything that you can do from your computer from your device, from viewing your calendar to completing homework tasks.

How long do items stay in the list and when do they appear?

Items will remain in the to do list for two weeks after the due date and will appear up to six weeks before it’s due. This means that if an item is due in  seven weeks, it will not appear in the to do list for another week.